1) Exway electric skateboards are highly tuned and should not be disassembled. Contact your local store for maintenance and support.

2) Avoid using in the rain, mud, or otherwise damaging conditions.

3) After using your Exway, please use a clean rag to wipe the surface to avoid water stains and to prevent corrosion and dust accumulation.

4) Do not clean the board with any chemicals or solvents.

5) When the remote or skateboard batteries get low, promptly charge the them to avoid damaging the battery.

6) To avoid battery damage, promptly charge the remote and skateboard batteries when low.

7) Do not store your Exway in damp or wet conditions.

8) Do not place your Exway near an open flame or where temperature is exceedingly hot.

9) Do not store your Exway near flammable or explosive materials.

10) If your board will not be used for a long time, store the board charged and charge and discharge the product at least once every 3 months.

11) Standby mode will slowly drain the battery.  If you will not be using your Exway for a while, power off the board and remote separately.


The warranty starts on the date that the board is purchased and is valid for 6 months. Customers must be either register their board or be able to provide proof of purchase for warranty coverage.  Replacement parts are available for sale after the warranty period is over.


1) The deck / trucks / motors / ESC

2) Remote

3) Charger


1) Wheels / Bearings / Bushings / Grip Tape are considered wear and tear items and will not be covered.

2) Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage.

3) Any damage outside of normal wear and tear.

4) Damage caused by unauthorized repairs of the product.